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Cannabis Smoke in Europe

cannabis_europe.jpgSome people say that European's are more conservative than us Americans, well that may be so but they still love to smoke weed according to a recent report, which was featured in the Economist as: "Pot Luck" - Cannabis Use in Europe.

Which Europeans are most likely to have tried cannabis?

OVER a fifth of Europeans have taken cannabis at some point in their lives, according to new report on illegal drug use from the EMCDDA, the EU's drug-monitoring arm. Over 30% of Danes, French and Italians aged between 15 and 64 have puffed on a joint. But perhaps for Danes it is just a phase: the Italians, Spanish, French and Czechs are most likely to have dabbled with cannabis in the recent past. Levels of cannabis use are still high but may be declining, says the report. Recent studies suggest that the drug's popularity is waning among the younger generation.

The obvious glaring statistics in this report is that Netherlands and Portugal, the two counties that have decriminalized marijuana have less smokers than many of the countries that have not decriminalized. Another really interesting finding is that Denmark, by far, leads as the highest percentage of European people who have smoked cannabis during their lifetimes. No wonder they call them the "Great Danes".

According to WeBeHigh.com - A traveler's guide to getting high. It's really easy to score weed in Copenhagen and many of the other cities in Denmark. Travelers have written that the varieties of weed include skunk, white widow and hash, so apparently these folks know their gear, oh and the prices are decent too, at 5 to 15 Euros per gram. Interestingly, the tolerance from law enforcement is listed as quite low but check this:

Copenhagen police do not look for smokers, or as one of our reporters noted: "several times I have walked right past 5-6 police officers while smoking a blunt... most of the times they won't try anything because that will cause a sort of riot and lots of flying bricks".

Our conservative cousins in Europe are just having some fun and hypocrisy of "the dangers of marijuana" has been dispelled. The world is becoming more conscious.

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