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Michigan Caregivers Cup

weed_trophy.jpgOne of the great byproducts of the movement to legalize medical marijuana is the immergence of independent cannabis cup "type" marijuana growing contests. Who could have ever imagined a fancy hotel ballroom filled with weed connoisseurs and the proud growers that supply the medical marijuana dispensaries all showing off their hybrid strains of designer dope? This is a great time to be a pot-head.

Last September Colorado Caregivers had there first contest and now it's the Michigan Caregivers Cup. It's too late to enter, deadline was Dec. 18th for submission of forms with payment of $100 and proof of Caregivers license, for the privilege of providing two and half ounces of your best bud, to be judged by a panel of 140 judges. However, it's not too late to become a judge and that's the job at this event but take note that there's only 100 judge's passes available at $250 each, so make sure to take action today if you want to participate in the first annual Michigan Care Givers Cup.

The conference, exposition, concerts, and main event are being held to raise political and social awareness of the necessity of structure within the law. The funds generated from this event will be utilized in order to compete with those that will continue to view those of us in the medical marijuana field as criminals. Get more information here.

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