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Beverly Hills NORML 90210

NORML_90210.jpgCheryl Shuman and Fred Rhoades the founders of Beverly Hills NORML 90210 are two crusaders for the reformation of marijuana laws who are making a big noise across the web and over the social networks. Fred has a most interesting background (see: Fred's Bio) with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Organic farming, then in 2007 he first met Cheryl, which he say's changed his life forever, and since that day they've worked together on a number of cool projects, first and foremost was treating the cancer and lung disease that Cheryl had been diagnosed with, Fred became her caregiver and they elected to apply a medicinal cannabis therapy combined with natural remedies. Today Cheryl is in remission and living an active lifestyle but the overall experience compelled her take a more active roll and lend her energy and experience to bring about change in the laws that surround marijuana, hence the formation of the Beverly Hills Chapter of NORML (www.norml90210.org)

The two cannabis crusaders made such a dynamic duo that they decided to start an organic farm in Northern California, where they hope to bring all their focus and knowledge to the business of healing. Complying with the legal guidelines of California Fred and Cheryl formed "Shaman Therapeutics" a Private Non-Profit Medical Cannabis Collective that serves seriously ill patients in both Northern and Southern California.

Fred and Cheryl also work with other collectives, activists and medical marijuana patients working to reform marijuana laws in Beverly Hills and throughout USA.

"This is a challenging time as a legal medical marijuana patient. Laws and politics are changing on a daily basis, says Fred Rhoades." "The prohibition of such a miraculous healing plant must stop. As a patient, caregiver and activist I will stand strong to fight for legalization and safe access for everyone."

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