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Hemp Con

hempcon.jpgCheryl and Fred from Beverly Hills NORML 90210 are working with a team of canna-business marketing pros and two media companies, LA Weekly and LA Jemm, plus they've enlisted the sponsorship of the DailyBuds community to promote two major expo/conferences in California. The first annual "Hemp Con- Los Angeles" from February 19 - 21 at the LA Convention Center and then "Hemp Con San Francisco" running August 6 - 8 at the San Mateo Event Center.

3 Full Days of seminars & exhibitions by industry leaders and advocates

Marijuana Dispensaries - Marijuana Collectives - Marijuana Delivery Services - Marijuana Evaluation Doctors - Hydroponics - Equipment / Accessories - Fertilizer / Chemical - Novelty / Paraphernalia - Legal Services - Educational Institutes - Clubs / Associations - Publications - Apparel

These are exciting times for the pro-marijuana movement, get on the wave and attend Hemp Con.

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