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Roll of Reefer Poker

reeferpoker iconOn February 28, 2008 (2.28.2008 = full house) Reefer Poker enjoyed the most successful launch of an online poker room in the history of the Internet. As the second year anniversary approaches the managing partners are very enthusiastic about what lies ahead for this counter culture iGaming company and are planning a series of events and promotions to celebrate the anniversary with the 50,000 registered players that made it happen, to give back cash because that's how they roll.

California has so far been the most important market for Reefer Poker and the founders believe that they've played a part in helping to dispel the age old myth started by "Reefer Madness" that marijuana was bad or evil; they've done this by supporting the pro-marijuana movement and advocates. In many ways the brand has become another loud voice for rallying cannabis activism. Also, Reefer Poker worked alongside the leading organizations and chapters to promote the reformation of marijuana laws.

Perhaps the most important roll of Reefer Poker, aside from being the best online poker dealer they can be, is to mock the hypocrisy surrounding both Poker and Marijuana and to illuminate the entertainment of the combined concepts. We now live in an age where the majority of people can distinguish between what is truly right or wrong in terms of morality. From the beginning the people who came together to develop Reefer Poker were passionate about reefer and poker, and they knew there was a mass market that shared the same passions. The counter culture consumers, known as the 420 Army, now are the moral majority in the U.S, the key characteristic of this demographic is that they can see through superficial propaganda and/or media spin, whether it be from government or corporations, this group of discerning adults live the way they decide and speak their mind if they choose, that's how they roll.

Reefer Poker are ranked as the 66th most popular English speaking Poker room online, in a field of 513 (at the time of this writing) by CasinoCity.com the world's most trusted source for objective popularity ranks of approximately 2,700 online gaming sites based on the continuous monitoring and measuring of the actual site usage of millions of online players. Considering that the top 10 Poker rooms are owned by Billion dollar corporations, some of whom are approaching 15 years in the market, all of them compete for their share of the approximate 100 million customers who generate in excess of $5 Billion U.S. dollars per year globally and the market is said to be growing by 10% per year. There's lots of room for Reefer Poker to carve out a stake in this industry by just focusing on players who enjoy marijuana.

Internet Gambling or iGaming as its commonly referred to is one of the most lucrative industries online, which is why Yahoo, Virgin and Playboy entered the fray from the U.K. where it's regulated and taxed. According to iGaming experts, within the coming few years the U.S. government will follow the suit played by the majority of G20 nations, to tax and regulate the game invented in America (Texas Hold'em for certain), and played online legally in most of the world, will have a some new dealers to try, yes the titans of the Casino industry from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau, will bring their gaming experience and nearly bottomless resources to the Internet, which is sure to change the webscape. Plus, don't be surprised if Google and Microsoft find a way to play, or I'd make a wager that MTV and ESPN won't be left standing on the outside looking in either. The future of online Poker is very exciting for the players.

The early market leader in online poker was Party Poker, it could be argued that Party was a trend setter and responsible for starting the online poker craze, however in their shadow several other poker rooms amassed large player bases and developed strong brand recognition amongst global poker players, then due to the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) which was signed into law in July of 2006, Party Poker left the U.S. market and millions of players were forced to choose a new room to play at. An interesting phenomenon occurred as players started moving from one new poker room to another, brand loyalty was no-longer a factor, just like Las Vegas a gambler may have a favorite venue to play but has no remorse to walk across the boulevard and play in another. Also, due to the departure of Party from the U.S. they lost their luster to global player, now industry insider's joke that Party may need to bring reefer to get the party started again in the U.S.

It may be said that Reefer Poker have tapped into a unique energy source, as they continue to grow at a steady rate which is the envy of the competition because it's still mostly by word of mouth, even after almost 2 years. The main reasons are the fun and the affinity. The name is very memorable so it get's the introduction but the great service is what compels people to return, as they realize it's a real serious poker operation, despite the often comical but attractive tournaments and promotions. The 420 community "niche" especially respond well to the weekly Stoners Vs Staff tournament and the weekend Wake 'n Bake and/or 4:20 Poker Tournaments. However you slice it and dice it, there remains one key factor that distinguishes Reefer Poker from all other poker rooms, the reason it's more of a community based brand than any of its competitors, it's the weed, and that's how they roll.

So what's on the horizon for the Reefer Poker in 2010 and beyond? The managing partners are all hands-on in the marketing of the brand and the products, they recognize that there's a high-bar placed in front of them by well established companies with much deeper pockets, this means that they need to be more creative to generate the buzz factor with promotions that offer cool prize packages which include the popular logo shirts, hats, and branded rolling papers, bud grinders, vaporizers and bongs. The team must leverage the counter culture contacts on the social networks and their own social portal called Reefer People to build brand awareness, while at the same time continue to give away as much money, in guaranteed prize pools, as they can possibly afford, to remain competitive in the poker niche.

The dream of Reefer Poker is to bring the brand to the street and get face to face with the members of the 420 Army by sending a road crew with Reefer gear to every major cannabis expo, Hemp Festival, 420 Day Celebrations, Cannabis Cup and co-host another "Weed Series of Poker" with High Times Magazine, as seen in the September 2008 back to school issue under the title "Toker Poker". Plus, Reefer Poker aspires to be the main buzz at the "World Series of Poker" in Las Vegas with a fully licensed bar and medical marijuana patient's hospitality suite. There are also several major bike festivals and hip-hop rock concerts across the U.S. that fit perfectly into the ground team strategy, like the Bob Marley Festival in Miami, or the Smoke Out Festival in California. The future looks sweet for Reefer Poker.

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