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Western Slope Cannabis Crown

cannabis_crown.jpgIf Hunter S. Thompson were still alive he'd have been the "Master of Ceremony" and I'll wager that if he hadn't of thought of the idea he would have thought it was an outstanding concept but none-the-less, the smart folks from "High Country Caregivers" probably got really high one day and dream't up this clever idea. I mean really, is there a better place in continental USA to host such an event? How high do you want to get?

Already the Western Slope Cannabis Crown, held April 17-18, will include as many as 400 strains of weed, live music, guest speakers, and information about medical marijuana. The event is open to the public, but only registered medical users can buy weed or get their hands on "golden tickets" to let them sample all the entries.

"We're really almost sold out already," said Joe McVicker of High Country Caregivers, a Glenwood Springs dispensary helping organize the event. "There were, like, 1,500 tickets and we probably have, like, 40 now."

Luckily, for those of us too stoned and lazy to go all the way to Glenwood Springs for a $25 ticket, McVicker said there's another 80 or so on Craigslist. Oh, and some place in Denver called Green Thumb has them, too, but he wasn't sure where it is. (No joke.)

"We're going to have Hunter S. Thompson's wife here for a chat, and the editor of High Times will be here, too," McVicker said. "We're gonna help people get [medical marijuana] cards, and it's just going to be a good time."

Cannabis strains will be judged based on THC levels and how well they treat different medical problems. Golden ticket holders will help choose a people's choice, but expert judges will select the winner, and McVicker thinks the grower will win a trip to Amsterdam. For more information, you could visit the website, but it's, you know, still in the works. For more information visit www.cannabiscrown.com.

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