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HempCon 2010 Los Angeles

hempcon_2010.jpgIn just a few hours the doors to the Los Angeles Convention Center will swing open for the biggest Medical Marijuana event in Southern California, HempCon 2010 Los Angeles, happening today until Sunday February 21st! HempCon is a premiere event held at the where exhibitors from all over California and across the United States come showcase their products, educate about their services and promote awareness about the Medical Marijuana community.

This year's show will feature Keynote addresses from two of the top Medical Marijuana activists in Southern California and the US, Cheryl Shuman and Frederic Rhoades from Beverly Hills NORML. Cheryl is the Executive Director of Beverly Hills NORML (National Organization for the Reform Of Marijuana Laws) and Frederic is the Director of Operations, both of whom are widely recognized and respected voices in the Marijuana community. Along with Cheryl and Fred, there will be a list of events all day long, every day consisting of guest speakers to educate and guest entertainers to elevate your spirits while taking in the show. This year's lineup of speakers speakers, entertainers and exhibitors guarantees that HempCon 2010 will be the most fun you'll have at an event all year.

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