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Spannabis 2010

spannabis_2010.jpgIf you live in Europe and you're a weed grower, cannabis seed company, hemp product manufacturer, cannabis advocate or marijuana activist the place to be today is Barcelona, Spain for Spannabis 2010 which starts today and runs through Sunday at the Cornellá's convention center

This enormous Hemp festival is held in a 8,000 m2 expo space with over 150 exhibitioners, showing a wide variety products, ranging from industrial hemp to materials for cultivating, various paraphernalia and of course the world's best known seed banks.  Also in attendance are the cannabis associations and various professionals of the weed world, making Spannabis an excellent place to meet cool people and network.

One of the most popular events at Spannabis is the Cannabis Champions Cup. Last year attendance reached over 18,000 people in a three day period.  DJ's with all the best music and people in costumes parading through the isles will be present to add an extra element to the atmosphere.

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