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Bob Marley Movement Caribbean Festival


The Caribbean Festival is the best party of the year in Miami and this year will be the 17th Annual, this time back in Bayfront Park, right downtown in Miami on the bay in a fabulous outdoor amphitheater. The event is sort of like a Marley family party combined with a food drive for South Florida charity. This year the festival is dedicated to the memory of Cedella Booker Marley (Mother Bee, Bob Marley's Mom), who passed away last year. The line-up of talent is excellent as always and one thing you can count-on is that at some point during the festival there will be set played as a tribute to Bob Marley, where you'll see the family, old friends and guest musicians, all come together to jam to some great Bob Marley songs. Another thing you can count on is more ganja smoking in one place than you ever imagined possible. To learn more visit Caribbean Festival.

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