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American Marijuana-Thon

Weed Flag PatchWow it feels like we've reached the tipping point! The marijuana debate has taken over the mainstream media as evidenced by CNBC hosting an entire day of discussions, interviews and segments about marijuana in America, they even advertised it as the "Marijuana-Thon" as though the producers themselves were smoking some green-crack when they planned the schedule. Plus they developed a web section on their website called Marijuana & Money which features over 40 articles, analysis and commentary of the most interesting, honest and useful information imaginable. CNBC even included a State by State comprehensive guide to marijuana laws, enforcement statistics, medical marijuana programs and costs. Then if that's not enough to answer any question and share some truth they added several color photo galleries which include eye candy smoking gear and exquisite cannabis porn.

  • Marijuana In America - A look at how marijuana figures into the history and culture of the nation.

  • Marijuana: By The Numbers - Pot use and laws vary widely from state to state. Here are some highlights.

  • Top Marijuana Travel Destinations - Some places have turned a blind eye to personal use, encouraging travelers from around the globe to visit, with commentary by Danny Danko from High Times

  • Tools of the Trade - Marijuana users experience the drug in a variety of ways, and various products exist to facilitate consumption.

  • A Gallery of Medical Marijuana - With medical use legal 14 states, there's quite an assortment of varieties available.

Big Kudos to CNBC. In the Editors introduction, Albert Bozzo, Senior Features Editor at CNBC.com explains why they launched this incredible website and dedicated so much time and resources to the topic of Marijuana in America, here's a tiny excerpt to whet your whistle:

Money, Ideology, Policy

Slowly over the past four decades, the drug has worked its way into the nation's social fabric. Baby boomers and counter-culture types of the past are now leaders, movers and shakers, who want to see marijuana over the counter.
Check out Marijuana and Money on CNBC.com

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