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11:11 Awakening or 4 Aces

4 sexy acesPoker provides the perfect parables for real life, and I believe it's an ideal game of skill to master, especially for young people, as it teaches awareness, plus cause and effect of action, not to mention the beneficial power of bluffing. I've never claimed to be, or set-out to become a master of poker, instead I embarked upon a quest, many years ago, to know my customers and to become the best poker room operator I could become. Admittedly, I still have a long way to go, however during my recent trip to North America I experienced a revelation, in California and Nevada, in terms of truly understanding who poker players are, what compels them to play, where, when, and (sometimes) how. The reason I was allowed access backrooms where mere mortals dare not tread, and freely given insider information about the inner workings of multi-million dollar per day operations: my association to Reefer Poker

The people I've met and the operations I was on the inside of were truly remarkable, some of the all-time heavy-weight champions of Vegas operations opened the doors to their backrooms, for example on one visit to Vegas I found myself VIP'd to the top of the Palms Hotel in the Playboy Casino, to discuss the nuances of dealing Black Jack, with one best managers in the business. Another time I was hanging-out with the top whale hunters in Vegas, as he shared details about the high-rollers of the Hard Rock but none of this knowledge, as fascinating as it is, compared with what I learned in California about the intricacies of running a high-stakes Poker home-game, in the legal grey-zone. Before I expand on my amazing adventures in the high-stakes home-games of California, and because today is 12.12.10 (full house with aces over deuces) I want to share more personal insight about my own personal 11:11 Awakening but I promise I'll return to the juicy topic of the California poker home-game.

It's so cliché to say; that I don't believe in coincidence - or, everything happens for a reason - or how about; the people who enter our lives are there for a purpose. Sometimes though, things that happen are so obviously of profound importance that the body produces goose-bumps, or the hairs on the back of your neck and arms, stand on end. When this happens allot, all a person can do is smile, and accept that you're in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I had known about the 11:11 prediction for several years, it was explained to me by some light-workers from the Island of Kauai, people I respected for their work on energy grids, meridians, spiritual locations and vortexes. Side-note: go to Sedona, Arizona, hike up to a vortex area for your own evaluation, then try to explain it? Even for my mind the explanation of 11:11 was related to the time/space continuum, an Aquarian age topic, somewhat like that defined by Robert Anton Wilson in Prometheus Rising. All very cool stuff, maybe a little too deep for my simple mind, even if I saw, and was gratified by the occasional occurrence by the digital time of 11:11.

What started happening to me in LA was too weird to ignore, not only was I seeing 4 aces randomly, everywhere I was going but tons of pairs and full-houses galore - like on the back of buses, on the sides of buildings, or receipts from Starbucks, for example but something even weirder started happening, as the rooms I was bagging on Priceline, which were from an inventory of over 100 possible hotels, would be either addresses with 4 aces, or once I'd check in I'd be handed the key to a room - you guessed it - on the eleventh floor. I told a couple of people about this, even showed them the proof, then we'd have a good laugh together and pass it off as amusing. Then one day I was getting my hair cut in the LA when the nice woman originally from Rosarita Beach, Mexico, a single mom of a 9 year old boy, mentioned how her son had told her that he'd been seeing 4 aces all over the place, and what was the meaning? That's when I got the really major goose bumps and she told me that my hair was standing on end - I was totally freaked out. Then, in a matter-of-fact kind of way, she says that they looked it up on Google and joined a Facebook group related to the phenomenon.

Still mystified by the frequent occurrence of the four aces, I compared the probability to a poker hand and discovered that the odds in Texas Hold'em, are 594 : 1, whereas a full house is 37.5 : 1 and a Royal Flush is 30,939 : 1 but imagine if it were happening multiple times in a game, or in every game that you played? Perhaps the point is, what you do with the cards, how you play them. I was really curious to understand why I was seeing the signs of something, what it meant and what I should do about it. Then one day I met Freddy and had my mind expanded to a new dimension but the interesting thing is that Freddy was once upon a time the most famous poker home-game operator in LA, with a legendary weekly game in a plush Penthouse near the corner of Hollywood and Vine, it lasted for years until one day Freddy decided to change his life and become a family man, plus dedicate himself to saving the world through the scientific breakthroughs in cannabis genesis knowledge.

DNA - Double HelixFreddy has 2 advanced degrees, one in chemistry and another in physics, and he's applied an immense amount of his energy towards advancing quantum theory, especially as it pertains to Einstein's theory of relativity as it related to unlocking the connections between DNA and THC - yep, super-duper deep, outside the box thinking. Freddy had some explanations for the 11:11 phenomena but he says that people first need to understand that there is sacred math in every living thing, and that we're all connected to a cosmic, universal clock, in a much more predictable way. That clock is approaching an important time, that was pre-set , as the Mayan's suggest, since the beginning of time itself. Many of Freddy's ideas are way over my head and I'm not going to attempt to share here, now but he kept on returning to one theme: light and time - asking what came first, light or thought? What is time? Freddy believes that the cannabis plant can not only help us save our world but within the genetics of weed lays the key to unlocking the mystery of how the DNA strand, found in every living thing, is nothing more than an antennae and that humans are on the cusp of a an evolution, which will enable us connect in a more powerful way, using this antenna to a much higher degree than we'd previously been able to.

From my personal stand-point, I'm still not completely sure what to think about 11:11 although I find myself very drawn towards a theory of relativity, between time and space being altered through the DNA, as my new friend Freddy attempts to explain to me but from the perspective of a person who travels much more than the average Joe, and moves around the planet amongst a far broader cross-section of the global population, and I live right at street level, in the world's second largest city - Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the wealthy fly above in personal helicopters while the poor pick through the garbage for bread crusts. I see a unique spectrum of the planet's people and I can say this, to use a poker parable: we're all in!

I get the sneaking suspicion that 11:11 represents November 11, 2011 and it's the date for a transformation of energy, from the old way to a new way. Somewhat like a last call at the bar, to get your last drink because as of 12/12/12 the bar is closed. It's really difficult to know anything about the future with certainty, except this: If we don't evolve, we perish.

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