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Teapot Party Meetup

Teapot Party on FacebookOur new leader of the 420 Army has taken up the mantle! This is the catalyst we've been waiting for, the blunder of one dumb cop, has gotten the ball rolling in what will become the movement to turn the tide in the battle to legalize marijuana. Take action now! This is an insurgency (peaceful, since we're stoners) and this is your call to duty.

Willie Nelson sparked a new political effort after his arrest for marijuana, telling CelebStoner.com, "There's a Tea Party. How about a Teapot Party?

Our motto: 'We lean a little to the left.' Tax it, regulate it, legalize it."

Now it's our chance to join together to get this Teapot Party started! We need to demand change and back candidates who want to legalize marijuana and hemp as their main issue. Get together with other Teapot supporters by joining a Meetup near you, or take action on-line by joining, and then sharing the Facebook group with your friends.

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