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April 21 2010

UK News of USA 420

obama reefersmokeHigh times for American marijuana smokers as police allow thousands of '4/20' pot protesters to light up across the country
Read more from the Daily Mail:

Oh man, if Obama were a young man now, would he be on the front-lines? Sure hope his staff share this brilliant story published about National weed day in America, by the Daily Mail of London today. It's filled with good honest pictures of young people (and old) having a good 'ole time, not hurting anyone, enjoying a reefer or two.
The Daily mail description was fair, I thought:

Marijuana smokers across the America lit up in public parks, outside statehouses and in the posh confines of a Hummer parked outside a pot gardening superstore to observe the movement's annual 'high holiday' yesterday.
Those who weren't within whiffing distance of a college campus or a reggae concert may not have realised that Tuesday was '4/20', the celebration-cum-mass civil disobedience derived from '420' - insider shorthand for cannabis consumption.

This really and outstanding piece of web journalism. Read more from the Daily Mail.

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