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April 17 2010

Aspen Cannabis Crown

Aspen Cannabis CrownFor the ultimate cannabis connoisseurs, if there's anywhere on the continental USA you'd want to be this weekend it would be Aspen Colorado, for the First Annual Aspen Cannabis Crown.

April 17-18, Gant Hotel, Aspen Co.
610 S. West End, Aspen, CO 81611
P: 970-925-5000 or 866-956-6317

Guest speakers will include Rick Cusick of HIgh Times Magazine and Anita Thompson wife of Hunter S. Thompson also on hand will be plenty of medical doctors including Aspen local physician Wendy Zaharko. The cannabis crown will be a competition among Medicinal Marijuana care-givers in the state of Colorado.

Winners will receive tickets to this years Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

More information can be found here,

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