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April 12 2010

The Connoisseurs Cup

connoisseurs_cup.jpgThe International Cannabis & Hemp Expo 2010
April 17 & 18 in San Francisco, California at The Cow Palace

The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo 2010 is a public education event, offering a forum for awareness, education and advancement of the hemp industry and medical cannabis community. The objective of the expo is to educate the public on the differences between industrial hemp, medical cannabis and recreational cannabis, and to show the public the benefits of each.

  • 100,000 sq ft of exhibition space

  • A Patient Consumption Area and VIP Lounge with approved onsite consumption

  • 2 Full Days of Speakers for exhibitors / speakers / community leaders / activists

  • Guest Celebrities, Experts, Politicians, Etc.

  • Hundreds of vendors from a cross section of industries

The Connoisseurs Cup is an important part of the International Cannabis & Hemp Expo, be assured that to the growers that enter cannabis strains in the Connoisseurs Cup, this is the most important event of the year and attracts the best growers in the world.

For ticket information and anything else you need to know, please visit the official website: www.intche.org

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