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December 16 2010

LA Confidential

 LA Confidential cannabis strainOf all the great strains I smoked in California, LA Confidential was not the best, although it was right up there, however, to me, it's often about timing (how long since harvest) and some times it's about the finish (flushing out the hydro) and always it's about the attention to detail. Have you ever noticed buds where all the trichomes are gone and there's hardly any pollen left, or just a butcher trim job? Then you know what I mean by the attention to detail. One grow-pro I met from the Bay area told me that his coveted Kush buds were manicured not twice but 3 times - now that's attention to detail.

The LA Confidential I bought didn't look quite like the sample in this photo (sadly), mine was from a weed home-delivery dude who was referred by a friend from Hollywood. So here's how it went down; this funny, scrawny little character (almost bald but with a thin little pony tail) arrives in a beat-up Japanese car, at my friends house in Beverly Hills, I waited at the gate and jumped in his car when he arrived, to avoid bringing him on the estate but also since I was going jogging anyway, and love running on Mulholland Drive but not crazy for the steep uphill incline getting there. Anyway, my delivery dude pulls over at the top and proudly hands me, what he calls, a grab bag - which was kind of cool, since it was strains I wouldn't normally have bought from the dispensary; such as AK47 (which was the best of the grab bag), Green Crack, a couple other strains and LA Confidential. The grab bag was 8 grams, an extra gram free since I was a friend of his friend, and a new potential customer (yeah, yeah, etc... So the next thing that happens, as we're smoking a sample (so I can get tuned for my run), he asks me if my friend with the mansion would like to rent it out, to shoot a porn movie around his pool - I start laughing and ask him why someone with a multi-million dollar mansion would need to rent it for shooting porn movies? he laughs back, and tells me it happens all the time. Next thing you know, he pulls out a bunch of DVD's from under the seat and tells me it just so happens that he's a porn producer, also a leading man in his own productions - Damn! how about that, delivering weed is just his side-job, and sure enough there's his smiling funny-face, grinning from the covers of his own DVD's while he's mounting some buxom wanna-be porn star, poolside at somebody's luxury California crib. I congratulate him for his entrepreneurial zeal, stash my grab-bag, kindly refuse the DVD, since I had no room in my running shorts (and didn't want to insult the dude), then hit the trail. I laughed for 5 miles as I ran, and was never sure how good the sample was, because I couldn't stop thinking about how crazy it is, to live in LA.

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