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January 25 2011

Brazil Maconha

brazil_maconha.jpgIf New York City is the "Big Apple" then Sao Paulo, or Sampa as the locals call it, should be known as "The Big Pineapple"! This notion puts a smile on a Brazilian's face because they have an expression in this culture, where if you have a thorny issue to deal with, you must; "Descascar o Abacaxi", which roughly translates to "remove the peel from the Pineapple" and as you well know that can take a sharp knife and considerable force but what you find inside is one of the sweetest and tastiest fruits on earth. The parable to this story is also that the pineapple can be tough and sharp, even intimidating on the outside - just like this city. This is the reason my crazy attorney friend, the Brazil Poker Pro, suggested the new nickname of Sao Paulo, Brazil as the "Big Pineapple".

On a recent get together with my friends here in the Big Pineapple, we took pleasure in the age old ritual of splitting up a block of Brazil Maconha. The weed was as fresh as I've seen here in Brazil, super compressed and wrapped in a special packaging that was easy to cut through. Sort of reminded me of the way good cheese is sold, with a thick outer shell. The smell was faint, a little musky but definitely that unique maconha scent, that which the deep inner mind knows instinctively, will bring satisfaction. Needless to say, the first order of the day, when splitting up a brick of maconha, is to smoke as much and as often as you care to indulge in. So, some nice reefer rolling craftsmanship was also displayed at this festive event.

In case you're wondering, the chunk of maconha in the photo as 100 grams and cost $400 Reais at $4/gm (equivalent to about $238 USD), basically a standard priced deal. The convenience of buying in the block this size is the freshness, not so much the price but the habit here is to keep it in a sealed container, in a cool, dry place, without direct sunlight and it'll last for along time, depending on how chronic you are.

The photo added is in it's maximum size so that you could take a really close look at the density and the quality. For the fun of it, take a look at the little photo gallery I published here: www.reefersmoke.com/gallery/maconha/ - Also: I published another article related to Maconha in Brazil back in December 6, 2008.

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December 09 2010

Confessions of a Reefer Maniac

aaron_easy_rider.jpgI'm back in the land of bikinis, caipirinha's and a thousand miles of beaches. Ah Brazil, how I love her! And amongst the things I love the most about Brazil, is that the government here doesn't need to kiss the ass of the United States government. In Brazil I feel safe to live my life, as I see fit, and chasing my dreams, no-matter how twisted they may be. I've been listening to Ziggy Marley's newest album allot lately, reminiscing about my summer in Canada (see photo) and reconnoitering my excursion to USA. It's a partly due to Ziggy's powerful message and also something from the Dead-sea scrolls:
If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.
~ The Gnostic Christ
that combined with Ziggy's message, have now compelled me to share details of my bizarre journey in pursuit of funding for Reefer Poker. It's time for me to confess about Reefer Smoke - so here's my story: Yes it's true that I also love the USA, as mentioned in my last post, but the reason I stopped blogging on Reefer Smoke was to protect my innocence, since I've been in the USA for the past five months, mostly in Los Angeles with visits to nearly every major city in California, but also in both the Carolina's (North and South) for an intense late-summer business trip, Dallas Texas three times, then New Orleans for an interesting week which culminated with a wild Halloween party at the Maple Leaf, plus five separate trips to Las Vegas.

At the end of my North American odyssey I flew back to Vancouver, traveled up to my family home in Kelowna for a taste of autumn, just before the winter clamped her icy grip down on Western Canada. Then as the first snowflakes started to fly in BC, I knew it was time to head back to South America.

Stay tuned and get ready for the tale of an odyssey more bizarre than anything the you've heard in years....
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